Access Statement for the Coffee House


  • The Coffee House has 9 tables seating 28 persons and a sofa which will seat a maximum of 3
  • The flooring is ceramic tiles with a large loose carpet by the sofa
  • A woodburner is used in the winter months
  • All tables have sugar, salt and pepper and menu’s. The cutlery, condiments, napkins are all available on the dresser at the entrance to the Coffee House
  • Customers are waiter/waitress served. Food is prepared in the kitchen and delivered
  • We source locally produced foods and drinks
  • There is one toilet which is quite large with a sink and toilet. Paper hand towels and liquid soap is available. This is checked regularly to refill where necessary
  • Although there are steps up to the Coffee House from the front entrance, wheelchairs can gain access
  • We have a craft area which displays the following:-
  •  Local honey
  •  Local jams
  •  Books from local writer
  •  Ordnance Survey maps
  •  Various artists local cards
  •  Paintings
  •  Photographs
  • There is a patio area out the front which has three tables seating ten people
  • There are two benches on the grass area, seating twelve people
  • There is an awning over the patio for shading in the morning and umbrellas for the tables
  • Ashtrays are available for outside use only

Updated July 2016